CTPOA Legislative Record

Here are some of the bills that we have worked on since 1996.

We have also defended landlords from numerous bills that would have proved to be very burdensome for an average property owners.


  • Destruction of Landlord’s property becomes a criminal offense Under Public Act 96-74 that changed civil liability to criminal liability for intentional and or reckless property destruction by tenants.


  •  Landlord-Tenant Act of 1997, Changed the Notice To Quit time frame from 10 days to 5 days


  • Raised Bill #7091:An Act Concerning Landlord & Tenant. Led efforts to reform eviction laws in CT. (Signed Into Law). Required Judgments must be signed the next business day and not “forthwith,” which typically took one week to get signed.


  • Raised Bill #390: Variations and Exemptions from the State Building and Fire Safety Code. Led efforts in response to an over-zealous building inspector. (Signed Into Law) Allows modifications for commonly granted building code exceptions to be made part of the code instead of waiting for time-consuming waivers to be granted by the State Building Officials.
  • Raised Bill #115:Funding for Window Repair and Replacement and a Revolving Loan Fund for Repairs. Bill became part of SB 701, the Bonding Package. (Signed Into Law) $360,000 Pilot Grant that provided a consumer rebate up to $100.00 per window for replacing a pre-1950 wooden window in a 2 through 6-unit building in Waterbury and New Britain


  • Raised Bill #1111: Sale of Gas, Electric and Oil Fired Heating Units.Lobbied Governor Rowland to veto the “Pressure Vessel Bill” preventing the sale of boilers and water heaters without a permit. (Governor Veto) Required the purchase of all Boilers and Hot Water Heaters to require a building permit before they could be sold to any non licensed consumer.


  • Raised Bill # 5978:An Act Concerning Evictions of a Tenant Due to Non-Payment. The Bill was raised for a public hearing but failed to get a Joint Favorable vote in Housing Committee. (Bill died)


  • Raised Bill # 319: Urban Homesteading.Passed Senate Vote, no action in the House. (Bill died)


  • Raised Bill # 6051: Urban Homesteading Pilot, Referred from LCO office, no action taken. CHFA adopted part of our language and began requiring 3 hours of landlord training for multi-family loans (Bill died)
  • Raised Bill #6462:An Act Establishing a Priority Category for a Revolving Loan Fund. (Signed Into Law)
  • Raised Bill # 5437: An Act Concerning  Security Deposit. Equalized interest rates. (Signed Into Law)
  • Proposed Bill # 5242: An Act Concerning Evictions of a Tenant Due to Non-Payment.Never raised for a public hearing. (Bill died)


  • Organized landlords to file a lawsuit against the city of New Britain over its landlord licensing tax and placing fees on 9-1-1 calls. (Ousted Mayor O’Brien from office)
  • Raised Bill # 5224: The Urban Revitalization Pilot Program.Passed House, added into Budget Implementer. (Signed Into Law with 1.6 million in funding)


  • Appointed by the Senate President to represent residential landlords on the State Blight Task Force.
  • Raised bill #6015: An Act Prohibiting the Charging of Fee for 9-1-1 Calls. Bill passed Public Safety and Planning & Development Votes, compromise language failed at session end. (Bill died, see 2012 above)
  • Appointed by the president of the Town Council from the City of Meriden to participate in a Task Force to update Meriden’s Housing Code for their Certificate of Compliance Program


  • Proposed Bill 6227: An Act Concerning a Tenant’s Responsibility for the Storage of Possessions Upon Being Evicted.Never given a public hearing In Judiciary. (Bill died)
  • Raised bill #5356: An Act Concerning the Relocation of Displaced Tenants.Sought to avoid costs when owner is not in violation of 47a-7.Failed to get a Joint Favorable vote in Judiciary Committee. (Bill died)
  • Raised Bill #6133: First Offender Status on Fair Housing Violations.Passed House Vote, no Senate action. (Bill died)
  • Organized Hamden CTPOA chapter to confront the Town of Hamden on its discriminatory Housing policy, coordinated 42 complaints filed with CHRO against town, arbitration meetings suggest Hamden is in fact discriminating; awaiting settlement offer.


  • Raised Bill # 5335: Bedbugs.A collaboration of efforts from different groups. (Signed Into Law)
  • Raised Bill #152: Fair Housing Disclosure. (Signed Into Law)
  • Lobbied for and received a Program Review & Investigation Committee study granted to examine how Fair Housing complaints are being prosecuted.