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Do you Run Background Checks? Here’s an exciting update… July 26, 2023 At CTPOA, we're here to support real estate professionals at every turn. A big part… Read more
What’s The Landlord Collection Agency? July 5, 2023 Landlord Collection Agency is thrilled to introduce its efficient and effective debt recovery services for… Read more
A Guaranteed Way Landlords can Protect their Rental Income June 13, 2023 At CTPOA, we are always looking for the bleeding edge ways to use technology to improve your… Read more
An Update on the CT Housing Moratorium 2023 June 1, 2023 The proposed Connecticut eviction moratorium for 2023 is a major threat to landlords and property… Read more
“Notice to Quit” vs an “Eviction Notice”? May 26, 2023 The terms "notice to quit" and "eviction notice" are often used interchangeably, but they can… Read more
Here’s What You Need to Know About Biden’s New Executive Order April 25, 2023 On April 18, 2023, President Biden quietly signed an executive order on advancing racial equity… Read more
indoor air quality Indoor Air Quality at Investment Properties April 5, 2023 As an investment property owner, you know that there are a lot of things to… Read more
Mold – A Serious Problem for Landlords in Connecticut April 4, 2023 Mold can be a serious problem for landlords for several reasons: Health Risks: Mold can… Read more
CTPOA President Featured in Section-8 Housing Article August 23, 2022 Rising Rent Costs Putting the Squeeze on Section 8 Waterbury Residents Lakeisha Henderson outside her… Read more
Choosing the Best Tenant Screening Platform July 18, 2022 We've all heard the horror stories. A tenant destroys the apartment or stops paying rent… Read more
As CT’s Eviction Moratorium Winds Down – CTPOA Hosts Webinars with UniteCT July 20, 2021 Up to $15,000 in back rent can be paid to landlords direct from UniteCT Property… Read more
Danger Ahead for CT Apartment Renters June 25, 2021 Expect to soon hear an outcry announcing Connecticut has an "Affordable Housing Crisis" from tenants… Read more

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