Membership Agreement


I (we) the undersigned, hereby apply for membership as a CTPOA Vendor Affiliate and agree to abide by the standards and conditions of the Connecticut Property Owners Alliance – Vendor Affiliate Program. Additional background checks with the Better Business Bureau or other organizations may be included in the screening process.



  • To be in business not less than one (1) year, or be a separately located unit of an established business or organization whose principal officer has furnished a favorable record in this screening process.
  • As necessary, supply background information about the company, principals and employees, or other information deemed essential to the screener reviewing this application and provide necessary with factual reports which bear on the reliability of businesses seeking membership.
  • To respond immediately and honestly to all complaints forwarded by consumers to CTPOA and seek an immediate and timely resolution to any dispute.
  • To supply, upon request, any evidence upon which an advertising or selling claim is based.



  • Free attendance at all CTPOA meetings and events for the service area that you have registered for, except where food or beverage charges apply.
  • Access to display your company’s marketing material on the vendor affiliate table at events.
  • Have your business listed in the CTPOA Quarterly Vendor Directory.
  • EBlast your participation in the CTPOA Vendor Program.
  • Facebook “Shout Out” announcing your CTPOA Vendor Program membership.
  • 10% discount on advertising rates in the CT Real Estate Today Magazine and banner ads.
  • Engage in a direct marketing campaign to CTPOA’s contacts base for an additional cost.



All applicants must sign this pledge of ethics. Each firm is pledged to observe high standards of honesty. Integrity and responsibility in the conduct of business by:

  • Promoting in good faith only those products and services which are known to be functionally and economically sound, and which are known to be consistent with objective standards of health and safety.
  • Making all advertising and sales promotion factually accurate, avoiding those practices which tend to mislead or deceive the customer.
  • Writing all contracts and warranties such that they comply with federal, state and local news.
  • Promptly acknowledging and taking appropriate action on all customer complaints.
  • Refraining from any act intended to restrain trade or suppress competition.
  • Attain and retain licensing and/or registration as required by federal, state, and local law.
  • Attaining and retaining insurance as required by federal, state, and local authorities.


Welcome to the CT Property Owners Alliance! We are glad you have decided to join our property owner community and we look forward to your participation. Before you begin, however, we ask that you review this Membership Agreement because you must agree to its terms to become a Member. It is important that you understand both the services we provide as well as your obligations.

The CT Property Owners Alliance (hereafter referred to as CTPOA) consists of, any other Web site that we identify as a part of CTPOA, the mobile versions of our websites, any apps that we offer, content from our Web site that we offer for display on third-party websites or apps. Membership Agreement is an agreement between you and the CT Property Owners Alliance, LLC (referred to in this Membership Agreement as “CTPOA,” “us,” “our” and “we”). This Membership Agreement applies to the various communication and personalization tools and services offered on the CT Property Owners Alliance that are part of our “community” (the “Community Services”).

While content on CTPOA is available to visitors to the CT Property Owners Alliance, participation in our Community Services is only available to visitors who sign up as Members by agreeing to be bound by this Membership Agreement.

CTPOA requires that a visitor be not less than 18 years old in order to become a Member. Accordingly, by accepting the terms of this Membership Agreement and signing up as a Member you are representing to us that you meet this age requirement.

As used in this Membership Agreement:

“Members” means you (when you have accepted this Membership Agreement) and the other members of CTPOA.

You acknowledge and agree that by accepting this Membership Agreement and completing the registration process, you are becoming a member of CTPOA and are agreeing to the following:



We reserve the right, in our sole discretion and at any time, to make changes to this Membership Agreement and our other policies concerning the use of the Community Services. We also reserve the right, in our sole discretion and at any time, to waive or modify any of the terms of this Membership. Changes will be effective when made and the updated Membership Agreement (or applicable policy) is posted on the CTPOA website; provided, however, that no such change shall be applicable to any dispute between you and us that arises prior to the time such change is effective. As described below, any Member who violates this Membership Agreement may be banned permanently from using our website and other benefits of membership including attending meetings, seminars and using our vendor network. CTPOA reserves and retains all rights and remedies provided by law or equity to redress any violation of this Membership Agreement.

If any provision of this Membership Agreement shall be deemed invalid, void or for any other reason unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the balance of this Membership Agreement.

Any content submitted by you to us that does not require you to first become a Member — for example, the submission of a letter to our editors, to our social media pages or blog, or a submittal directly to our staff of feedback, errors, questions or comments — is not governed by this Membership Agreement. However, those items are “Visitor-Submitted Content” and are governed by the terms of our Visitor Agreement that applies to Members as well as to all other visitors to CTPOA. We encourage you to review our Visitor Agreement, which is incorporated in and a part of this Membership Agreement. (Accordingly, by becoming a Member you are agreeing to be bound by the Visitor Agreement, and accordingly a violation by you of the Visitor Agreement would also constitute a violation of this Membership Agreement.)



You affirm that you are not a member of law enforcement, state committee, or representative of any investigative body joining this Community for investigatory purposes or under false pretenses.



You agree and do hereby give us permission to contact you by email through any email service such as; Constant Contact. You further agree not to make any such communication as “SPAM”


Member Identification and Use of Registration Data

As part of the registration process, we select your email address as your username and assign you an initial password that we email to you once your Membership Application Request is received. You agree to register only once and may upgrade your membership level at any time. The information that you supply during the registration process must be accurate and complete and you agree you will not (i) register on behalf of another person; (ii) register under the name of another person or under a fictional name or alias; (iii) choose a username that constitutes or suggests an impersonation of any other person (real or fictitious) or entity or that you are a representative of an entity when you are not, or that is offensive; (iv) choose a username for the purposes of deceiving or misleading as to your true identity; or (v) choose a username that incorporates a solicitation.

For more information regarding our privacy policy, please review our Privacy Statement, which provides that under certain circumstances we may reveal what we know about you.


Keeping Your Personal Information Private

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You are responsible for all usage and activity in the Community Services through your username and password, including use of your username and password by any third party. Your account is unique to you and may not be transferred to any third party. You should contact us with any known or suspected unauthorized use of your username and password.


Member Conduct

We do not tolerate Members harassing, threatening or embarrassing other Members, including harassment or denigration based on age, gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability, marital status or veteran status, or the stalking of other Members (“cyber-stalking”). You agree not to engage in this behavior.

Illegal and Objectionable Activities

We do not allow the promotion of illegal conduct or activities or fraudulent.

Rights of Third Parties

You may not harvest or collect information about other Members from CTPOA, including usernames, or use that information for the purpose of sending unsolicited bulk communications. You may not use or provide to any person or entity, whether or not for a fee, any directory of or information regarding other Members.

Promotions and Solicitations

You agree that, except with our prior consent, you will not upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise use any Community Service to make or distribute any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, contests, sweepstakes, survey requests or promotional materials or implore visitors to take actions that are intended to further a personal purpose. You agree you will not use information supplied within the Community Services to do any of the foregoing, by email or any other method. You agree to not gather public email addresses from Member profiles for any purpose.


Your Use of our Trade Names

You understand that you may use our “Trade Names” solely for the purposes of identifying your membership in CTPOA — and for no other purpose. You acknowledge that we own and reserve all right, title and interest in and to our Trade Names, and that we reserve the right to disapprove any use by you or by others of our Trade Names. You agree that if requested by us, you will promptly terminate all use of any of our Trade Names, and that we may so request if any use of any of our Trade Names is not in accordance with the terms of this Membership Agreement, does not meet the high standards of quality established by with respect to the use of our Trade Names, or would expose to any risk of liability or loss.

You agree not to (i) take any actions that would adversely affect our rights in our Trade Names, or (ii) file any application or other document with any governmental authority to register any corporate name, trade name, trademark, service mark, certification mark, collective mark or other similar designation that includes any of our Trade Names or any confusingly similar names, or (iii) take any other action that is inconsistent with our rights in our Trade Names (or aid or abet any third person in doing so).


Termination of Membership

Please be aware that your membership may be revoked if you fail to abide by the terms of this Membership Agreement. In the event this should occur, you agree not to re-register as a Member of CTPOA. Furthermore, you acknowledge that we reserve the right to take action — technical, legal or otherwise — to block, nullify or deny your ability to submit Member Generated Content, or MGC. You understand that we may exercise this right in our sole discretion.

We also reserve the right to disable or terminate a Member’s account, without notice, if there is a period of extended inactivity.

If your membership is terminated or deactivated by us, your MGC may be deleted and your username may be given to another Member without notice to you.



For a period of two (2) years after the date the Member ceases to belong to CTPOA, the Member shall not, directly or indirectly through any other person or entity, whether individually or in conjunction with any other person, or as an Employee, Contractor, or Consultant, Agent, Representative, Partner or Holder of any interest in any other person or entity or in any other capacity whatsoever (i) engage in the sale, marketing, manufacturing or distribution of Landlord Advocacy, Landlord Education, and Vendor Services or products, anywhere in the states of Connecticut or Massachusetts; (ii) solicit, recruit or hire any Member, Employee, Contractor, or Consultant of CTPOA to work for a third party other than CTPOA or engage in any activity that would cause any Member, Employee, Contractor, or Consultant to violate any agreement with CTPOA; (iii) induce or influence, or seek to induce or influence, any Member, account, client, customer, Employee, Contractor, or Consultant, agent, independent contractor, insurance company or any other person or entity which has a business relationship with CTPOA (each a “Business Affiliate”) to withdraw, terminate or curtail its relationship with CTPOA; (iv) Make any disparaging comment to any present, past or prospective Business Affiliate of CTPOA, or any other person or entity engaged in a similar or competitive business, or take any other act of any sort, which is intended to adversely impact the business of CTPOA.


Community Security; Violations of Law

Violations of system and network security are prohibited, and may result in criminal and civil liability. Examples of system and network security violations include the following:

  • Any automated use of the system
  • Use of software that allows your account to stay logged on while you are not actively using the account
  • Unauthorized access to or use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without the express authorization of the owner of the system or network

We may investigate incidents involving such violations, any violations of this Membership Agreement that may constitute or have the potential to constitute violations of law, and any activity by Members on CTPOA that constitute or may constitute violations of law. You understand that we may report any such activity to, and cooperate with, law enforcement, with or without receipt by us of a subpoena or other legal process.


Representations and Warranties

You represent and warrant to us that all of the information provided by you to us to register as a Member and that you have all necessary right, power and authority to enter into this Membership Agreement, to perform the acts required of you hereunder in accordance with the requirements of this Membership Agreement.


Damages; Indemnification

You agree that you will be responsible for any damages resulting from any violation of this Membership Agreement. You further agree to indemnify and hold and our subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your violation of this Membership Agreement, or any breach of any representation made by you in this Membership Agreement, or any violation of any law or the rights of a third party (including any right of publicity, right of privacy, intellectual property right, or any other proprietary right) that occurs in connection with your use of the Community Services.


Choice of Law and Forum; Attorneys’ Fees

This Membership Agreement and the rights of the parties herein shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut, excluding its conflicts of law or rules. You agree that, unless expressly waived by us or we bring an action in a different jurisdiction, the exclusive jurisdiction for any claim or action arising out of or relating to this Membership Agreement, the Community Services, or your or any Member’s use of or participation in the Community Services shall be in the state or federal courts located in the County of New Haven, State of Connecticut, and you further (i) agree not to file or bring any claim or action in a different jurisdiction, and (ii) agree and submit to the exercise of personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of litigating any such claim or action. You also agree that in the event of any action to enforce or interpret this Membership Agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to collect its reasonable attorney fees.



Any modifications to this Membership Agreement must be made in a writing executed by both parties. Any notices to CTPOA must be sent to CTPOA, 161 North Main Street, Waterbury, CT 06702 sent via first class or air mail or overnight courier. Any unenforceable provision of this Membership Agreement shall be modified to reflect the parties’ intention and only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable and the remaining provisions of this Membership Agreement shall remain in full effect.

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