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The Connecticut Property Owners Alliance serves as a resource center and support network to property managers, real estate agents and landlords.

CTPOA is dedicated to helping members succeed with their investments by providing educational workshops, access to qualified contractors and vendors and an online knowledge base to address common landlord & tenant issues.

Whatever the issue…fair housing, evictions, lead paint, we are here to help protect you, increase your profitability and make property ownership less stressful.

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Providing a Wide Range of Benefits

Attend Workshops & Events* Included
Place Past-Due Tenants into Formal Collections 1 Free Account
Discounted Tenant Screening Services Included
Exclusive Access to Discounted Vendor Rates Included
Access Internal Service Provider Directory Included
Access Property Management Forms Included
Subscription to Monthly Real Estate E-Magazine Included
Updates on Legislation Affecting Landlords Included
Helpline/Customer Service Always Available Included
Receive Personal Consulting Fees Apply

*Does Not Include Holiday Party or Annual Conference

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