2013 is here and 2012 was a year to remember.

CTPOA welcomes the Windham County and the Greater New Haven landlord groups into the Alliance as well as the many new members that joined because of the New Britain landlord licensing ordinance.

The Legislative session for 2013 is about to begin and we know that many housing issues will be on the table like last year. We also know that the cities and State have serious budget issues and both are looking at rental property owners as a “Band-aid” source of revenue to fund their aggressive spending habits. In fact a bill is being monitored by us that would allow cities to charge extra fees on landlords, we will keep you informed if this becomes a serious threat to our members.

As demonstrated by our actions in New Britain, we will defend all property owners from programs that seek to take away your rights, equity or cash flow, regardless if it is a mandates, ordinances or legislation….2013 promises to be a very busy year for us.

The New Britain Landlord Licensing Saga Continues….and our Court case against the city continues. Calls for a discussion have been made and some initial communication has taken place.

Considering the failed landlord licensing program in New Haven, the recently enacted ordinance in New Britain is even worse and makes little sense to experienced rental property owners, bankers, REALTORS and legislators that we speak with.

We must ask how much political capital has been invested by the O’Brien administration on passing this law in light of the battle that it created and is there so much invested by the administration that a true compromise cannot be reached?…Talks will continue with stakeholders.

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