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Up to $15,000 in back rent can be paid to landlords direct from UniteCT Property Owners that want to get paid back rent owed by their tenants impacted by Covid can sign-up for CTPOA’s Webinar on Monday July 26th at […]
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Expect to soon hear an outcry announcing Connecticut has an “Affordable Housing Crisis” from tenants seeking to rent apartments as they experience a “tough go” getting their rental applications approved. The reason many housing providers are raising their minimum requirements […]
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LANDLORDS … “Don’t They Realize These Polices Can Put Me Out Of Business?” Now it all makes sense. The goal of the radical socialists who have gained a foot-hold in the Democratic Party is to end private ownership of rental […]
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  Owning a home is a privilege. Having a roof over your head is one of life’s necessities along with eating food and drinking water. On April 10, 2020, Governor Lamont issued Executive Order 7-X and it impacted those that […]
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Housing Stability Few would dispute that housing is an essential human need. Yet, these evictions often lead to homelessness, leave a scar on the tenant’s credit record, and fail to address underlying health and safety conditions that will be inherited […]
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