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Our Initial Talking Points and Opinions WHAT YOU NEED TO DOEMAIL TESTIMONY BEFORE 11:00AM Tomorrow (3-4-21) Include Bill # In Header TO: hsgtestimony@cga.ct.gov Much is at stake this year and the tenant advocates have outworked, out fund-raised, and out maneuvered the landlords at […]
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By Hugh McQuaid  – CT News Junkie In order to keep the courts running during the pandemic, the Judicial Branch began using Microsoft Teams to conduct certain hearings in April and has expanded use of the platform in the months since […]
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Often it takes a tragedy to bring a family together. While no real tragedy occurred, the two groups that represent “the family” of CT landlords are collaborating for the first time. What created the cooperation and dialogue started last legislative […]
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When things go well economically in the real estate industry, that’s when policies and regulations are created that harm property owners and Realtors. It’s a simple concept to understand. In bad times everyone is focused on their own misery and […]
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HUD has implemented its new rule on children’s blood lead levels and it’s now in effect. HUD’s New Lead Regulation Press Release Immediately, any child living in a unit receiving Section-8 assistance with an “elevated” blood lead level of 5 […]
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