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Out of 184 responses, we can see the results heavily favor making a change in Connecticut.
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The Legislative Committee of CTPOA believes it’s time to put Connecticut back on the right track and elect politicians from any party that won’t tax and foolishly spend our hard earned dollars. We have looked at some key races and discussed […]
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How Do Things Get Better For CT Landlords? I hear it all the time….”the eviction laws favor tenants,”…the “CHRO discrimination process is legalized extortion,”… “the lead paint issue is a hoax…children’s lead levels are at historic lows but their I.Q. […]
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The 2018 General Assembly Session has been anything but a smooth ride as several harmful Bills advanced further than they should have. This could be a  signal for trouble on the horizon for CT Landlords unless they wake up and […]
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As the New Year begins, we are clearly staring at crossroads here in Connecticut for many issues and not just those that impact property owners. In a couple of weeks the Legislative Session begins and some items that will be […]
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