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Yes, it’s” March Madness” for basketball fans but also its madness at the State Capital and it just happens to be the month of March! Besides basketball tournaments, it also the time of the legislative session that many proposed Bills […]
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It’s that time of the year when private property owners come under pressure from some  well intended but misguided politicians seeking to impose more taxes and government regulations on our struggling housing industry. Recently it was reported that only eight […]
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BY: Michael Downes In recognition of over 28 years of legislative advocacy for the rights of property owners across Connecticut, State Representative Arthur O’Neill (R-69) was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Connecticut Property Owners Alliance at their annual […]
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Three new Laws went into effect in 2016 that impact Rental Housing directly; one of these deals with Bedbugs, the others are “Fair Housing” and Security Deposits. On Tuesday 11-15-2015, CTPOA will host a networking and meet-up for the housing […]
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