Do you Run Background Checks? Here’s an exciting update…

At CTPOA, we’re here to support real estate professionals at every turn. A big part of our industry is rental properties and if you own one, you’ll be familiar with running background checks on tenant applicants.

While there’s a few different background check companies in Connecticut, our preferred provider is TenantTracks as they go above and beyond providing more accurate and thorough data than any other tenant screening company in the state. Pretty great, right?

Well, we learned they just released a new feature for their Open Access (OA) users that makes sharing links with tenant applicants even easier! The team walked us through a demo and we couldn’t believe how incredibly easy this feature is to use and how convenient is it.

Now, you’re able to easily share an application link on Zillow, email, text, social media, you name!

This PDF walks you through exactly how to access this great feature on the TenantTracks’ website.

Create Link For Applicants To Apply For Your Rental

More of a visual learner? TenantTracks recorded this quick walk-through video. WATCH HERE.

If you’re not a TenantTracks’ user yet, it’s very easy to sign up. You can choose one of their two platforms to best suit your screening needs. You can sign up HERE.

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