Legislative Session Over…in the end nothing gets done

he clock struck midnight on Wednesday May 7th and as of 12:01a.m. Thursday morning,  most Legislators left the Capitol to prepare for their upcoming re-election campaigns. What was this years impact on housing by our Legislature ? NONE, ZILCH, ZERO, NADA; a waste of time, energy and effort put forth by many that tried to advance housing policy but unfortunately, gained nothing for various reasons.

CTPOA was advocating for advances on urban-blight, bedbugs and making funding available for repairs but all efforts failed and that is frustrating to CTPOA. We also spent a lot of time on legislation concerning lead poisoning and can happily state we’ve made progress in establishing a working relationship with the State Department of Public Health. Also, we do see some improvements regarding housing at the local level in a few cities, so all was not lost!

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