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Summer is over and we’re back from the annual recess CTPOA takes in July and August. The issues impacting property owners in CT however did not stop and much work lays ahead of us Legislatively on; Fair Housing Complaints, Eviction Costs, Increased Regulatory Requirements and our ever increasing efforts to educate property owners on best practices and new laws.

ALSO……The election season is also upon us and there are a few races we are keeping an eye on. CTPOA continues to stress hows important it is to elect responsible policy makers that want to protect Connecticut’s struggling working class families and small business owners.

Older Post From Previous Updates

June 11, 2015…Is Connecticut becoming so business unfriendly that the article below becomes a growing concern for rental housing owners?….click to read the Elizabeth Lesly Stevens article…The Small-Time Landlords vs. Big-Time Tenants’ Rights

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