The State Blight Task Force

The State of Connecticut is considering two measures that could impact operating costs for landlords if the Legislature decides to make laws from the two proposals.

The State Blight Task Force, of which CTPOA is a member heard a proposal from Judith Dicine, State Housing Prosecutor at the December 3rd meeting and the proposal she made was to enact the ICC Uniform Property Maintenance Code to help curb Urban Blight.

The idea is to create a uniform property maintenance code in Connecticut which sets a minimum standard for property upkeep and will be consistent from city to city. We do have concerns after we briefly reviewed the new code, if adopted as written, it will increases operating expenses because much of our existing housing stock will not meet the new standards.

An example of how it could impact costs is seen as the ICC code requires a minimum room temperature of 68 degrees instead of the current CT standard of 65 degrees so owners supplying heat with their rents will see an immediate cost increase if this becomes law.

However, a version specific to Connecticut could be created and we’re in support of looking at this further and would like to help develop a working Connecticut version if the idea goes forward.

Another group operating at the CT General Assembly is the M.O.R.E Commission. They are looking at evicted tenant possession storage costs under its mandate relief sub-committee. Landlords must be vigilant that these storage costs do not get shifted to the property owner in an effort to help municipalities.

Currently the cities pay to store tenants items if  they fail to move out and the eviction judgment needs to be executed. The concern is in 82 percent of all cases, the cities who store these tenants items wind up throwing them out so landlords need not be burdened sustaining a failed policy here in Connecticut. This cost is clearly the responsibility of the tenant and the tenants are the ones who need to pay not just the storage fees, but all costs associated with moving their possessions! CTPOA will be very active on this issue in 2014 if the M.O.R.E. Commission decides to shift this cost.

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