A Guaranteed Way Landlords can Protect their Rental Income

At CTPOA, we are always looking for the bleeding edge ways to use technology to improve your property management systems from reporting delinquent tenants to actually having an insurance product that will pay out for both security deposits and lost rental income from delinquency.
I recently came across TheGuarantors as I was looking into renter’s insurance as an add-on to TenantTrack’s background checks and found them.  They are transforming the way landlords and renters protect their properties. With the backing of multiple A-rated insurance carriers, including The Hanover Insurance Group and Arch Insurance, TheGuarantors offers comprehensive coverage against rent defaults, vacancies, lease breaks, damages, and more. This innovative solution is free for landlords and provides affordable options for renters, ensuring peace of mind for all parties involved.

The Benefits:
TheGuarantors provides landlords with two types of coverage through their streamlined platform: Rent Coverage and Deposit Coverage. Rent Coverage allows landlords to expand their pool of qualified renters without compromising on qualification requirements or increasing risk. By utilizing this service, landlords can protect their rental income without the need for a guarantor or co-signer.

Moreover, TheGuarantors eliminates the complexities associated with collecting, managing, and returning cash security deposits through their Deposit Coverage offering. This means landlords can offer the benefit of renting deposit-free, while remaining safeguarded against missed rent, damages, legal fees, and more.

Transparent and Affordable Pricing:
TheGuarantors maintains a transparent and accessible pricing structure for both landlords and renters. Landlords can access rental coverage products at no cost, allowing them to protect their assets without any financial burden. Renters, on the other hand, pay a small fee based on factors such as the required coverage amount, monthly rent, and their risk profile. This fair distribution of costs ensures that renters can qualify to rent without the need for a significant deposit.

The Future of Rental Protection:
TheGuarantors‘ innovative approach to rental protection has revolutionized the industry, benefiting both landlords and renters. Landlords can mitigate risks, protect their assets, and streamline their rental income with ease. Renters, on the other hand, can qualify for rental properties without the burden of a substantial deposit, ensuring a more accessible renting experience.

While it’s important to note that not every renter may be approved for coverage, TheGuarantors remains a valuable solution for those seeking comprehensive property protection. With the support of A-rated insurance carriers and its commitment to transparency and affordability, TheGuarantors continues to reshape the rental landscape.

TheGuarantors’ partnership with multiple A-rated insurance carriers has paved the way for innovative property protection solutions. Landlords can now expand their applicant pool, secure their rental income, and eliminate the complexities of cash security deposits. Renters, on the other hand, can enjoy a more accessible renting experience without the need for a hefty deposit, which for CTPOAs overarching claims that we provide affordable housing, can actually lower the costs of moving in for many residents.  Win/win.

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