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Connecticut continues to be a very difficult State to own and operate rental property.

Blight is a “Hot Topic” in many cities as well as Bed Bugs, unfortunately the responsibility for both is being put on the backs of landlords. Some shoreline cities along with New Britain have created “Fair Rent Commissions” to hold rents in line, however others may be trying to limit a landlords ability to pass along cost increases, a drastically different reason with potentially disastrous results for property owners.

Cities through their Advocacy organization, the CT Conference on Municipalities will try to make landlords pay for the storage evicted tenants possessions once again. However due to bed bugs and mold, many storage facilities no longer want to store these items shaping a very interesting debate next year on this issue.

The 2014 Legislative Session is the “Short Session” so no individual legislator can introduce any bill they choose, it must be a “Committee Bill.”. Landlords need to band together to defend themselves from any number of issues including bed bugs, lead paint, rising eviction costs, unfunded mandates and  a pro-tenant mentality amongst many legislators.

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