UNCOVERED…..Private Housing Attack Is Exposed

LANDLORDS … “Don’t They Realize These Polices Can Put Me Out Of Business?”

Now it all makes sense. The goal of the radical socialists who have gained a foot-hold in the Democratic Party is to end private ownership of rental housing by 2030.

While helping defeat rent control last summer in Massachusetts, I met many property owners that enlightened me as to what was going on in Cambridge and Sommerville MA regarding housing policy. They wanted, “Housing for the people and not for profit.”

When I received this document yesterday detailing the Socialists plans in Boston, it explained why all the recent HOSTILE LEGISLATION targeting rental property owners in Connecticut has been launched, the movement is also here!

Housing in America is under attack. The American Dream is turning into a living nightmare. It’s hitting the Mom and Pop rental property owners hardest. These small property owners are considered the “backbone of our neighborhoods”and many will fail and lose their retirement and life savings once the Foreclosure moratorium is lifted.

While this fact is appalling to most of us, the Socialists love this fact and are jumping for joy as its a blow to capitalism.

Please read their policy manual carefully, it explains a lot.

By: Bob De Cosmo

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