The Connecticut General Assembly Reconvenes

The Connecticut House of Representatives in action.

The Connecticut House of Representatives in action.

It’s that time of the year when private property owners come under pressure from some  well intended but misguided politicians seeking to impose more taxes and government regulations on our struggling housing industry. Recently it was reported that only eight States in our nation showed a population loss, Connecticut was one of them and lost more population than all the other States except West Virginia...this is astounding. The message this year needs to be clear; we need to help struggling businesses survive and not impose more bureaucracy on the real estate industry driving people away from Connecticut.

Owning rental property is a small business and CTPOA is known for fighting for what is right for its members and this year we will do the same. Our Legislative Committee for 2017 is the largest ever…this year more and more people are fed up with the policies that have been dragging us down as a State and a Nation and are getting involved. CTPOA greatly welcomes this rejuvenation of interest in our political process and we hope that our grass roots efforts will be noticed!

We are posting a list of proposals that have been introduced so far that will have an impact on housing if passed. We are not adding the numerous Proposed Bills for the 8-30G Affordable Land Use Appeals proposals as that is not a statewide fight but we have a keen interest in that long-standing struggle; we understand both sides of the Affordable Housing debate and are offering our resources to find some common ground and finally resolve this 20 year long struggle.

Here is the current list of Proposed Bills as of Jan. 13  We’ll update the list often as it will grow rapidly in size as more Bills come forward….WE ALSO INVITE YOU TO OUR NEXT CTPOA MEET-UP on January 24th in Waterbury, you can register to attend by clicking on our “Events tab” on our website’s Homepage.

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